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Your Moment: Sidewalk Ad


DP Showreel

Falling For You – Trailer

“Tell Me What To Do…” by Political Subversities

Who R U – Angelia Robinson

My Deer Friend

TLCLabs Branding Video

Center for Hearing and Communication’s Centennial Video

Ari And Emma – Juicefast

NYU EMT Summit

Manufacture New York – Fundraising Video

Prep 4 Bed Bugs Commercial

Petra Azar Mother’s Day 2013 Ad

What It Do – Jem The Haitian

What's New?

I'm a Director of Photography, living in New York and working everywhere I can.

I enjoy exploring the ever expanding universe of video and filmmaking. You can read through my thoughts and findings here on my website, or check out some of my blog posts on Script Magazine!

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Lens Filters for Video Production

2nd August 2014 By Nate

ND Grad Filter

I like to think that cinematography and photography are sort of a blend between science and magic. The magic of cinema is created through the science behind every rich image we produce. Knowing and learning everything we can about the science behind our craft makes us all-powerful cinema magicians! Read more…

Exploring My New Canon C100

6th June 2014 By Nate

Canon C100

A little over a year ago, I rambled in this blog about my awkward first impressions of the Canon C100 camera.

“You’re left feeling like you’re folding origami every time you try to open or close the screen…” – Nathan Blair, Jan 2013

Well of course here I am today… I went out and bought one. Needless to say, it’s grown on me!

Why did I go for the C100?

Read more…

Keeping Cool With A Giant Compact Fluorescent

25th January 2014 By Nate
Eiko SP105

My new baby, aww how precious.

Due to popular demand, I promised to share test results and my explorations of a recent discovery: A 105 watt CFL lamp made by Eiko. Read more…